Outsource your Amazon SEO, Customer Interaction and Vendor Compliance to us.

Increase your sales, and save you money. Yes SAVE you money.


         Analyze. Strategize. Create.       Rinse & Repeat.

We painstakingly review every detail of your Amazon account and selling history. We analyze areas in need of attention and create a plan of action. Once implemented, we design a series of A/B tests – experimental changes to be applied to the targeted areas, all with the goal of better performance. A few items we tackle: images, titles, advertising features and reviews. And that’s just a beginning. We continuously cycle through our system and improve it until we can maximize your sales revenue.

Want to Dominate Amazon? That's a good start.

 We optimize your account, manage your inventory, reduce your fees, run your advertising, and make you more money.


100% Amazon ONLY.

Unlike other agencies, we do one thing and one thing only. Amazon. Why? We understand a brand owner’s need to sell products through multiple channels and that each segment requires certain expertise. Amazon’s ecosystem is vast and so comprehensive that selling through Amazon only can have one product produce revenue beyond what is available off of Amazon. Because of this, we choose to work with clients who understand that this market deserves more attention than they might be able to give without our help

We manage up to 100% of your Amazon account.

Whether you just need a few tweaks to your current Amazon account or are looking for comprehensive, full time management, Cogentoo can do it. 


We know Amazon.

Cogentoo began as a product producer and provider to the global market. Our roots are firmly embedded in understanding every aspect of selling on Amazon and what it takes to succeed. When it comes to Amazon, we’re able to develop strategic methods to increase sales within Amazon’s ecosystem, maximize your visibility off of their platform and create revenue growth in ALL channels for your business..

Our Niche

Boutique Level Attention.

Do you want to be treated like just a number and not a partner? Do want to be charged additional cost for everything you need have done? Do you like the idea of having to work with multiple people who do different things and having to explain what you need all over again? Then we’re probably not the right kind of company for you. The unique size of our agency allows us to build strong relationships with our clients and help them achieve their goals. To us, this isn’t just an idea, it’s a must.

Free Analysis.

Want to know if all this will work for you? Cogentoo can provide you a full, comprehensive account review at no charge to any qualifying prospective client. There is absolutely no cost and no obligation. All we need is a quick conversation to learn about your company and history with Amazon, and we will review the account. No pain, no worries. We’re here to help.

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